Darjeeling Gielle F.T.G.F.O.P.

Darjeeling Gielle F.T.G.F.O.P.

Autumn harvest. The liquor is darker than that of a summer harvest and the most powerful aroma. For the whole day. For the entire day. Darjeeling the second harvest bodied with a fine aroma and a golden cup.

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Two of the most famous gardens of Darjeeling are named mountainous rivers Teesta and Gielle. These beautiful gardens are planted mainly with China tea carefully selected.
Camphor leaves and flower in the mouth feeling fresh and fragrant delicious!
Suitability: Originally Gielle, Darjeeling Color: black tea Brewing time: 3'30 - 3'45 Water temperature: 80 ° C - 85 ° C
Dry leaf: Appearance: beautiful curled leaves, buds fluffy presence. Colors: dark with some bright green leaves rolled less green. Perfume: fruity (fresh and stewed fruit), vanilla, nuance pyro, bread crust, vegetable.
Brewed leaves (infusion): Perfume: plant attack (raw vegetable, pepper), very floral (white flowers, pink), cool shade camphor.
liqueur: Color: clear and bright yellow bright liquor. Texture: Soft attack, then fine astringency in length providing a pleasant persistence. Tastes: sweet acidity attack and heart. Flavors: peppery nuance in attack, very bright, very vegetal, very floral (rose, orange blossom, white flowers), cool shade camphor. Aromatic profile and length in the mouth: the length is very plant (raw vegetable, stem), camphor and fresh shade, floral.
3'30- 3'45