Darjeeling Margaret\'s hope

Darjeeling Margaret\'s hope

One of the most prestigious and largest Darjeeling (350 hectares). Darjeeling strong with fine and balanced liquor.

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Flavor: Attack flowers provided by vegetal notes (fresh leaves). Nice balance of the notes that makes it nice and long in the mouth with the astringence.urie, very fruity (apple, grape), citrus, woody, along with some notes of honey and licorice, combined with freshness
liqueur: Beautiful copper color, orange. Texture very smooth at first, then a fine astringency that lines the back of the mouth. Very mild sweetness.
Our opinion: Tea with fruity with lots of character. Its specific tonic and dark, due to the large proportion of Assam tea (20%) in the planting of Margaret's Hope, which is uncommon in Darjeeling. That is why it is a popular tea, the Darjeeling fans are ideal in the morning.
The garden was planted in 1865, but in 1927 the name of Margaret's Hope appears. is given in honor of the owner's daughter, named Margaret and fell in love with the plantation during his first visit before accidentally disappear.