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Our range of tea for you to prepare your tea.

Tea is not unique but very varied! So here's a guide to help you fix your odd and enjoy in peace your various brevages infused.
The size of a teapot:
Plan a teapot depending on the type of tea, not necessarily based on the number of cups you can draw ..
To brew the tea leaves correctly the required size will often be smaller. Why?
The more the teapot is, the more one is tempted to tea and drink may be bitter.
Little tip if you are many, planning a greater service of your teapot pitcher for concentrating 2 tea service in the same container and avoid some cups are stronger or more bitter than others.
Choose the teapot depending tea:
First, clearly consider that all depends on the tea you drink.
Green, dark, semi-fermented (blue tea), white ...
-For Green teas, white or yellow, choose a glass teapot, glazed ceramic, porcelain, earthenware or cast iron. The important thing is to never utilser unglazed clay teapot inside to service these teas.
It oxidize too quickly and become more easily bitter ..
When serving, first made attention to the temperature of your water, then pour into your teapot some of the water to warm it. just wait till the water tempers and add the right amount of tea.
Finally carefully pour the rest of hot water.
Keep in mind that the proper water temperature for green tea is generally 80 ° C for white or yellow tea 70 ° C and the powdered green tea matcha type or ceremony said 50 to 60 ° C
-For The semi-fermented tea "blue tea for the Chinese," all types of tea are suitable.
The temperature will RECOMMENDED between 80 and 90 ° C and advised a teapot as small as possible because it will focus even more flavor!
-For Black teas in the West, red teas to the Chinese, again all types of teapots worth visiting.
-For Dark teas Chinese Pu'er alias and Yumman, ceramic teapot enamel, glass, porcelain, earthenware or cast iron will be the most recommendable.
-For Flavored teas, various mixtures and varied as can be found mainly in the European market to tempt every palate, prefer a teapot inside glazed, glass or cast iron.
Cleaning the teapot:
According tea you use in each pot and the type of tea that you own, cleaning should not be done in the same way.
-For Terracotta pots inside unglazed please do not wash with detergent.
Empty tea, rinse, let dry, then your business appointments teapot ..
- For tea inside a protected glazing layer as porcelain, stoneware or earthenware or glass, wash with plenty of water if and only if they are used for only one tea.
Warning, if you like to drink green teas, white and black in the same teapot, remember to clean the seasoning of your teapot from time to time.
the pelleted tea and green tea do not go particularly well together, culottagevfavorisant the bitterness of green tea.
-Finally For your cast iron teapot, avoid her spring cleaning by rubbing with steel wool !!
Just remember to rinse thoroughly after each use, let dry in the open air and thus prevent it from oxidizing.
Well, now I wish you a good tasting.