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white tea

White tea is a lightly oxidized tea, about 12%, according to the traditional method. Before green tea (which is also slightly transformed), the tea that is experiencing the lowest transformation from the fresh leaves of the tea plant. Its traditional wines are rare and often expensive.


Young leaves are picked with buds and then sun-dried and finally in the shade (or roasted by steam). The difference with green tea is the absence of withering, roasting and rolling. The white tea leaves so many properties remain fresh leaf tea. They also have a very low density, compared to rolled sheets or, in the extreme, to the compressed tea.

Contrary to popular belief, white tea is slightly oxidized, due to the absence of any cooking process that would degrade the enzyme responsible for the oxidation. As this tea is very manipulated (not running), this oxidation takes place only on the surface.

The Chinese province of Fujian is one of the most famous for white tea