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You are what you drink.
In a world still in turmoil, the need for well-being has become a priority for all of us. A healthy and balanced diet is preferred as well as the quiet moments, for example with a cup of tea.
Drink and feel good.
Drinking is vital and doctors recommend drinking daily between 2 and 3L of fluid per day. Tea is a healthy alternative to water or other beverages. Tea is the perfect companion to your day with large variations in taste, it is easily digestible and is full of vitamins, minerals and tannin.
The right drink at the right time.
Tea can do much more than calm the thirst. It can calm, animate or just do good. For this, we have created tea blends to suit all situations. For revival, for rest, for rest after a tiring day or to cool down after exercise.
Ayurveda - the Indian tradition with every sip.
Ayurvedic teas are a specific part of our wellness teas. They are based on ancient Indian medicine containing exotic spices recipes, herbal blends, cinnamon, ginger, rice liquor and rosebuds. They are both good for health, calming and energizing. They are a good alternative to green teas and black teas because they contain no caffeine. They are also suitable for children.