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Black tea

Black Tea

A black tea is a tea that has undergone a complete oxidation. Most of the tea consumed in the West are black teas, manufactured by the "orthodox" method or the "CTC" method, two manufacturing methods developed by the British in the nineteenth century. While a green tea will lose its freshness after 12 to 18 months, a black tea can be kept for several years without losing its flavor. It is therefore more easily transportable and marketable. These reasons have long preferred the tea in the West.

What the Chinese call the original black tea, it is a post-fermented tea, a fully fermented oolong who underwent post-fermentation (such as pu-erh). For that one keeps several years in pots stored in cool cellars. What then are guard teas, highly sought after and very expensive.

In the West black tea is often scented (mixed with other things). Good harvests are rarer than other types of tea (green, oolong ...). This is a tea before any trade between Asia and the West.

Be it the flowery Darjeeling, Assam spicy, fruity and powerful Ceylon black teas will always be different cup after cup.


Black tea is prepared in a teapot with boiling water (95 ° C) for a time determined by the amount of tea and its volume of water (there is no specific time). The drinks sometimes astringent, is frequently added milk and sugar to England and India. They will be consumed by cons always pure in China.